A journey with New Zealand Red Cross

John Anderson, 21 June 2017

Just over a month ago Alan Doak, our General Manager, sent a call out for a team to go on the Red Cross Journey. We would have one month to walk, run, ride 1,000km as a team to raise awareness and money for Red Cross.

We would walk the same distance that the Tamim Family travelled to escape Syria to start a new life in New Zealand. It took five minutes for our team to have its six members and we were off.

In terms of raising awareness it didn’t take long for that to happen. Even though Springload have been working with New Zealand Red Cross I had not personally realised the breadth of services that the Red Cross offered in New Zealand let alone the rest of the world. Their site illustrated several services like refugee resettlement and Meals on Wheels that I didn’t know they provided.

We ran, walked and cycled through the month and we met our goals as a team, although we really only pulled through thanks to the pneumatic effort of Carl Steward, our Head of Finance and Operations, who is more machine than man and extremely well-funded!

In our final week to try and get us over the last hump we ordered our regular Wednesday communal lunch from Pomegranate Kitchen. It is a social enterprise with people of refugee backgrounds involved at all levels. The food was deliciously wonderful!

Pomegranate Kitchen for lunch

I’d like to thank all the people who donated to the effort to support the campaign. Thanks to New Zealand Red Cross for the opportunity. Most of all thanks to the Tamim family for enriching our country by making their far more difficult journey: 

The campaign has now finished but if you’d like to donate to help Red Cross continue to provide amazing support then please do.

Refugee and immigration quotas will be a part of this election. Check out for how you help raise awareness and our refugee quota.

The guys from Springload have put in an absolutely fantastic effort for Red Cross Journey. It’s been great to have Springload, along with hundreds of other Kiwis, schools and businesses, taking on the challenge and raising money to help people in need. Together, we’ve stepped more than 120,000km and have so far raised more than $42,000, which will go a long way to helping those who need it most. Thanks to everyone who has taken part and everyone who has donated.

Alice Montague

Red Cross General Manager Fundraising, Marketing and Communications

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